Saturday, 23 June 2012

It's Saturday Stash It!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I have some new stash to share with you, I bought two kits off eBay. eBay is great if you need to stitch on a budget or find kits that are discontinued. The first kit I got was 'Over the Moon', a DMC kit from the Bubble & Squeak range which I really like.

I have stitched two of their designs before and have a chart for another in a magazine. I love the design, but there is a lot of half stitch background and similar colours for the bear. Definitely will be a project I will have rotate with something else!

The second kit I got is another one of my favourite series, Country Companions. I've have stitched quite a lot of them in the past and have a couple that I need to get back to stitching on too. They have been taken over my Anchor, and I still like the designs but prefer how they look when DMC did them. The kits can be quite hard to come by now, but I managed to get a Tom Mouse design called 'Hide and Seek'.

I am really looking forward to stitching them both and they should keep me going for quite a while just need to decide which to start first!!! Hope you like my new stash.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi, returning the following! You were a little tricky to find because your blog isn't listed in your profile. But here I am! Looking forward to seeing your stitching progress.