Monday, 27 August 2012

Slow progress

Phew!It has been a really busy week for me!I have been doing a lot of overtime at work so didn't manage to get even one stitch in!

Although with the bank holiday today I did get some stitching time this evenings. I only worked on the poppy design while watching Beauty and the Beast one of my all time favourite movies! This is how far I have got:

I really need to give some of my other wips some attention else they are will turn into UFOs! There are so many designs I want to stitch though, and I'm itching to start a new project!

I am waiting on some threads to arrive in the post for a new project I want to start. I accidentally bought linen instead of evenweave though so I'm holding off as I'm not too sure of the difference...any stitchy thoughts out there?

I have an exciting week ahead with quite a bit of travelling on the train, so with any luck I might get this finished by the weekend.

Happy stitching!



Thursday, 16 August 2012

Poppy Progress

This week I have made some progress on my Poppy design...

It was not quite as much as I planned to do, I thought I would do a lot more to be honest. I had some extra hours at work over the weekend and waking up with a cold Monday morning took away quite a bit of stitching time. All I felt like doing was sitting feeling sorry for myself and watching TV! I seemed to get quite a bit of stitching done last week while I was watching the Olympics too.

Luckily my Mum was coming up to stay this week so she has been looking after me, which is lovely, especially as my boyfriend is away for work.

So I am hoping to get a lot more stitching time done this week! Maybe I can finish this project. I have ordered a dark burgundy aperture card for it, hoping that it will good with the poppy seed colours. I usually just get white cards but wanted to make this one a bit different. I would like to start a new project too, and have a couple of designs in mind.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New Project!

I started a new project yesterday, just a small design again will probably be a card. It's the poppy design from the latest issue of Cross Stitch Crazy (Issue 168). I am really pleased with how it is going the colours are nice and bright! That's all to report really just been settling in after the holiday and trying to get back into my gym routine!

Thanks for visiting! Happy stitching :-)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The best days are full of little surprises!

It's been an entire month since I last blogged! Sorry for that, now it will be weekly or more from now on! The main reason I haven't blogged is because I started a new job and have just got back from holiday to Turkey for two weeks! I missed IHSW and I'm looking forward to visiting everyone's blogs to see what stitching they got up to :-) 

Although I was on holiday I did get some stitching done in the evenings while enjoying a drink before going out for dinner and the evening. I finished another Newton's Law design from the series in The World of Cross Stitching like before. I'm not sure I liked this design as much, maybe because all the colours even the background was so similar. I still want to stitch a lot more of them though! This one is called 'The best days are full of little surprises', which I am going to put into a card and send to my Nan.

Next up I am going to stitch another card but something a bit different. It'a s poppy design from the latest Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, so I am just getting my threads together for that. Apart from that my Venice design has had no stitching done on it since the last update so I will have to get some stitches done on that soon!

Here are some pictures of Turkey too, we went to Dalayan and saw loggerhead turtles, blue crabs, and had a mud bath. As well as lots of lazy days by the pool and some lovely tranquil boat trips!