Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Finally started stitching again...making very slow progress on the current UFO I'm stitching on called Passing the Time a Country Companions design. Here is a picture of the progress so far - reckon I have done just over half of the design so far! Hoping to finish fairly quickly, perhaps set myself the target of finishing it by the end of July. As there are plenty more UFOs that need attention!!!

In other news, my Nan came over and gave me the hummingbird bakery cupcakes and muffins book, so I am determined with all this free time I have to make some of them, but for the now I'm just going to make some standard fairy cakes which I know will turn out ok! Hoping to try the peaches and cream cupcakes first they look SO yummy!

I started my volunteering on Friday for Age Concern with a dementia group, I was very nervous but the group was really good fun and all so lively...they all had their own stories to tell and have all lead very interesting lives, maybe this Friday I can be a bit more talkative. Also started work on Saturday which was a huge shock to the system so not used to standing on my feet for 8 hours, but was good to be back and earning some money, unfortunately it is only weekends at the moment, but that does give me plenty of time to lots of other things, but oddly when I do have free time and no uni work to be done I find it quite hard to choose what to do with myself!!

Decided to re-do my grade 8 piano after failing by a couple of marks last summer which I was devastated by! Nevertheless I had my first lesson last night which went really well and I have chosen my B piece which is Beethoven Op. 13 Sonata in C minor No.8 Pathetique Rondo. Hopefully I will get a lot of practice done on it today, very keen to get on with it!

Happy Stitching!

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