Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Time for a BLOG

So...where have I been and who have I been...well not blogging for over 9 months and no I have not had a baby I just went to university. So much to tell and share, so much has changed, this blog is getting a revamp!!

I still love making but really didn't find time for it a lot at uni, so will probably spend a couple of weeks sorting my project life out, with a new rotation list, the problem is that life just seems to get in the way more often than not. I still love reading, but again haven't found much time for it unless its a textbook or journal article! Now I love photography, travel and a whole lot more.

First year as Psychology undergraduate over, I am now home where I belong in beautiful Cornwall and there really is no place like home...a few days to re-cooperate before starting my summer job and doing some volunteering with dementia patients. Have a wait for results which don't come out until July 1st! My aim is to blog most days about anything and everything that interests me, with updates on current projects and book reviews as well as exciting links to websites and pages of interest.

Watch this space....

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