Thursday, 9 June 2011

There's no place like home

Being home from uni is AMAZING! Spent most of the day unpacking what seemed like hundreds of bags a ridiculous amount of clothes, sorting my room out and getting properly settled back in.

My Mum suggested that I make a book of all my photos from my recent trip to Paris so I could see them all together and it would be something nice to keep. There's an awesome online company blurb that does just that and looks so professional with different sized books, the problem is I keep changing it around so is definitely going to take some time to do but going to be well worth it. The site has loads of ideas for making a book as a portfolio, collection of blog posts and loads of other things, some really exciting things could be made!!

I took so many photos in Paris, mainly with a digital camera but also with a couple of photography apps on my iphone which used different lenses so I got some really cool vintage looking photos as well as an app that turns photos into cartoons. Time to cuddle up with a dvd and carry on twittering with this book...maybe some stitching too.

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