Sunday, 25 July 2010

Round Robin

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This is one of my pieces for the numerous round robins (rr) I am involved with on Craftbubble, it is a Christmas themed rr as we need to start the robin now so they arrive home before Christmas.

It took me a couple of afternoons to stitch, so not too long, especially as I seem to be a fairly slow stitcher! It is from Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 67, and was designed by Durene Jones.

I did use parking in this project which I'm finding more and more easier as I use it, more so on smaller projects like this one, where the colours are not similar and there aren't hundreds of them.

For the first time in this project I did backstitch alongside cross stitching. Usually I complete all the cross stitch and then do all the backstitch after, only this time I was worried with how it was looking as it just looked like blobs of colour, so I decided to do a bit of the backstitch to see if it was going to resemble the picture in the magazine!

I think it looks fab, and I am really pleased with the result, there are six other designs and I think I'll stitch them all for Christmas cards this year if I can find the time. However, in the magazine, only after I realised the shopping list says to use pastel green and lilac aida fabric, which is hard to see on the pictures, but maybe I will give that a try when I stitch them next. So it's already to post tomorrow morning for the next stitcher in the round robin.


  1. Oh how lovely, I used to do round robins but haven't for a while as I fear I don't have enough time to commit.

  2. Hi Clare...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. It's always nice to find a fellow stitcher out there.
    In regards to the "Dragon", it wasn't really gory. But there were a few parts that had some sex crime stuff in it (violence against women), and I find that kind of stuff hard to stomach sometimes.
    by the way...your stitching looks great! Can't wait to see some of your other projects.

  3. Thanks Peggy, I was really pleased with this finish! Yes that is a issue, I feel like I'm in a bout a hundred round robins and not keeping up with any of them!!!

  4. Hi Miss Lady Grey, that's ok I found your blog really inspiring. That's what I'm worried about maybe I'll just man up and read it, I feel like I'm missing out somewhat!Thankyou, glad you like it, I've nearly finished another Christmas round robin so will post pictures soon!