Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cross Stitch Challenge

This is my cross stitch challenge for 2010:

1. Finish all current WIPs* and UFOs*

2. Put order to my STASH, sell them, swap them, give them to charity or even stitch them, just get them moving!

So I have come up with some steps to help this along, firstly a rotation of projects, by day or week depending on how I feel. Starting with projects that are nearest to completion, I will have categories too, so there will be small, medium and big projects in rotation.

I need to go have a root through all my stitching and make a list of my stash, UFOs and WIPs. Then I can update the list of current projects, and what projects will enter rotation.

Also I am going to try and stick to a few rules, but only if I can! So I'm imposing the one in - one out rule, which basically means when I finish a project I can start a new (if I really want to) otherwise I am going to try and aim for only 3-5 projects in my rotation by the end of the year.

The other rule is to stick to a monthly stitching budget...yet to be decided the amount! To help me decide I have put a poll on my blog so feel free to vote and I will trial the winning budget for two months to see if I like it! In light of the stash bust goal, I will try not to but any unneccesary kits/stash for as long as possible, if I can only buy essentials for the rest of 2010, I will reward myself with a large kit at the end. This will reduce my stash and save me money :).

I will post my progress and update lists regularly.If anyone else wants to join the challenge or offer any tips do comment and post on your progress!

*WIPs = Works in Progress
*UFOs = Unfinished Objects

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