Monday, 6 September 2010

Handpicked With Love

So...progress update, I have been a bad, bad blogger as of late, but have been madly stitching away for my Somebunny to Love round robin, luckily the date was changed in my favour, but still I'm not quite done and the posting date was mean't to be today!! Ah well nearly there! This is a pic of progress to date, just some of the ear and the rest of the flowers to stitch and then the backstitch, hope to have it posted by the end of the week.

In other news, I have become utterly addicted to beading and have spent too much money on beads, been to a bead class and have about four bracelets and one necklace in progress, I will post some pics in seperate posts. I have another class on Thursday, so no doubt will have more beads to add to my ever growing collection and a new project underway!
I have also recently (today) set up my own etsy shop, it only has a few things in at the moment, and there is a link on the sidebar if anyone fancies a browse. I plan to put some of my jewellery on there too. Finally, I had my results from college and got the A grade I needed to get into Royal Holloway to study Psychology so I am VERY, VERY happy :)

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